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Nov 2, 2023, 1:39 PM
Why a 'hologram revolution' could be on the way
Oct 24, 2023, 1:56 PM
Hologram Zoo's Cutting Edge Technology wins Time Best Inventions of 2023
Feb 6, 2022, 7:33 AM
Christopher E. Longhurst: Another different view on Michelangelo
Jan 5, 2022, 2:07 PM
Auckland exhibition of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel looks better than the original
Jan 2, 2022, 3:13 PM
New exhibition brings Sistine Chapel frescoes to Auckland by Mina Kerr-Lazenby
Dec 3, 2021, 3:23 AM
Good Day New York FOX 5 / stopped by The Sheen Center this week to check out our latest exhibit, DaVinci on Bleecker: The Last Supper Experience. There's still time to see this masterpiece in a life-size depiction up close through a stunning reproduction of the painting.
Aug 10, 2021, 10:05 AM
Apr 28, 2021, 3:27 AM
A.J. Croce celebrates love, friendship and the joy of music on 'By Request' at
Feb 16, 2021, 1:15 PM
"If Elton John and Leon Russell had a spiritual younger brother, it would be A.J. Croce.”
Feb 11, 2021, 4:31 AM
AJ Croce on Today Ireland