The Best Inventions of 2023
Virtual Fauna


Axiom Holographics Hologram Zoo
By Jeff Wilser
October 24, 2023 7:00 AM EDT

At the hologram zoo you don’t just see an elephant – you see a herd of elephants that stampedes toward you and then runs through you. “It’s really about showing people things they have never seen before,” says Bruce Dell, CEO of the Hologram Zoo, a 16,000-square foot complex in Brisbane, Australia, that projects lifelike wonders such as polar bears and whales in action. Dell’s secret? He slashed the cost of hologram tech by building a factory to do everything in-house. “What used to cost millions was brought down to 5% of the cost,” says Dell. What’s more, it’s a way for the public to see and learn about wildlife that doesn’t involve keeping animals captive.

Hologram Zoo's Cutting Edge Technology wins Time Best Inventions of 2023