ILMC - International Live Music Conference

Global Touring & Promotion will be attending and looking forward to a great year conquering the challenges ahead of us!

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Artist Roster

Theater, Musical & Stage Shows

Benise electrifying flamenco guitar with dancers…Spanish River Dance

Celtic Illusion – the thrill of illusion with high energy dancing. Selling out venues in Canada & Australia.

Cuba Vibra Latin dance, ballet, Broadway

iLuminate - An Immersive mix of Dance, Music, Light & Laughter

Magic Shadows by Catapult – Shadow dancing, America’s got talent finalists!

Noël a holiday musical written by Eoin Colfer (Artemis Fowl / Disney) (MGM Television)

Music Shows

Alexis Cole - one of the great voices of today

Lee Rocker of the Stray Cats

Houston Bernard: Country Music Storyteller with Roots & Hit Songs

Frankie Moreno Las Vegas Headliner of the year 4 years running!

Tribute Shows

Go Your Own Way: The Fleetwood Mac Legacy

Nashville Live!

Legends Forever – the Concert

The Elton Experience

The Highwaymen Live a tribute to Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings & Johnny Cash

The Life & Music of George Michael

The Official Blues Brothers Revue

The Simon & Garfunkel Story

Willie & Family Live - Michael Moore's tribute to Willie Nelson

The Beat Goes On Starring Lisa McClowry as CHER


The Elton Experience
The Simon & Garfunkel Story


HYPROV: Improv Under Hypnosis


The Great DuBois - the world’s most unique 2 person circus show!


Immersive Art Series - 5 fantastic curated exhibitions, one turnkey solution!

Leonardo Da Vinci The Last Supper Exhibit

Leonardo Da Vinci The Last Supper Exhibit Immersive Experience

Michelangelo A Different View - Michelangelo’s frescoes of the Sistine Chapel Licensed from the Vatican Museums.

Jurassic The Immersive Experience - An interactive experience that brings together a variety of media-based experiences in an unprecedented way to immerse yourself in the world of dinosaurs

Hologram Zoo and Aquarium - cutting edge hologram tech, wins Time Magazine's Best Inventions of 2023

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