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Notre-Dame Immersive Expedition

The Horizon of Khufu Trailer

Virtual Reality Journey to the Heart of Ancient Egypt.

Go on a journey into the heart of ancient Egypt. Discover the Egyptian pyramids from a spectacular bird's eye view and explore inside galleries and secret chambers.

Explore the Egyptian pyramids using virtual reality
Fly over the top, then explore the hidden chambers and secrets inside
Take an extraordinary journey in virtual reality to the great pyramids of Egypt
Hear the story of how the pyramids were built, told in an extraordinary way
Receive a photo souvenir as a memento of your experience

Full description
Explore ancient Egypt's greatest treasures - the Pyramids of Saqqara, the Pyramid at Meidoum and, of course, the Pyramids of Giza: the world most famous pyramids registered as a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Once on site, experience the adventure of an explorer through the magic of virtual reality. You will uncover the mysterious history of these monuments which have shaped imaginations over millennia.

Equipped with a virtual reality headset you will fly over these massive stone blocks, then enter inside the pyramids and explore hidden galleries and secret chambers used to protect sacred mummies of Pharaohs.

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