Susan P.

Client: Susan P.
Genre: Jazz
Representing for the following territories: Worldwide


o Playboy Club-Tour : Shows in St. Moritz @ Chesa Veglia; Kitzbühel @ A Rosa; Ischgl @ Pacha
o Rich Prosecco Club Tour: Shows in Ischgl @ Pacha; Kitzbühel @ Stanglwirt Going
o Coca-Cola Remix Tour : Shows through Austria
o Soccer-EM 2008: Innsbruck @ VIP Hospitality Seegrube Clubbing
o Miss Geneva Motos Show: Geneva @ Club Embassy
o Fête Blanche: Velden/Wörthersee @ Casino
o Kitz’n Glamour : Kitzbühel @ A-Rosa
o 21st Century Beetles Night: Ischgl @ Pacha
o Performance with Mark Kamins (New York Club-DJ and Producer of Madonnas 1st Single „Everybody“): Wien @ Kunsthalle
o Live-Acts: Palma, Mallorca @ Club Titus; Calvia, Mallorca @ Virtual Club; Salzburg @ o Half Moon; Zürich @ Hard One

Young, Wild and Free ": Susan P. is an untamed, young freethinker. At first glance, Susan looks very natural and gentle, but the musician Susan P. with her powerful, but gentle voice, has so much more to offer.

Her highly anticipated new album, “Mosaik” not only presents her skill as a saxophone player, but also as a singer with depth. When Susan P. takes the microphone with her tender voice, every listener is enchanted. Not only has she convince the celebrities at the German Film Ball, but Susan P. has also inspire the members of the Monegasque royal family.

The artist knows how to combine the experience of pain and happiness; vulnerability and strength; and capture it in a single, emotional, musical moment. As she describes it, “It creates a kind of energy that goes smoothly forward.”

Charismatic and Pure Show Europe's Saxophone Lady Susan P.

Susan P is a saxophone player that can perform with DJs playing on top of their mixes and/or with her own productions. Sets usually run 20 minutes in length with 3 to 4 sets per evening. Miss Sax-Tronic's modern-day sound is a glamorous, sophisticated blend of soaring and skilled saxophone stylings with house / club music. Her performances are a combination of groovy sax and rhythmic vocals that are tailored cool and sophisticated, wild and emotional and absolutely S.A.X.Y!!