The Highwaymen Live - “A Musical Tribute”

Client: The Highwaymen Live
Genre Americana Country Music Tribute
Representing in the following territories: Worldwide

Travel Party: 7 = 5 on stage + 2 crew
Hotels: 7 single rooms
Show Length: 90 minutes

Relive The Magic... Of The Greatest Country Music Super Group Of All Time. Willie, Waylon & Cash... The Highwaymen Live

Perhaps the greatest country music super group in history, the Highwaymen traveled the world performing country music to millions of fans. Your audience will watch in amazement as each song, one hit after another is sung just as if they were seeing the original band perform. This 90 minute show is full AV tribute to the greatest country stars - Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson and features upbeat, honky-tonk hits like Ring of Fire, Dukes of Hazard, On the Road Again & Mama Don't Let Your Babies Grow up to be Cowboys. Michael Moore as Willie, August Manley as Waylon and Philip Bauer as Cash have each been performing their solo tributes to their respective artist for years and are considered by many to the best in the world. Now all 3 have come together so you can relive "The Highway" one more time.

"If you were ever fortunate enough to see Willie, Waylon and Cash perform as "The Highwaymen" then you're in luck because this is as close as you'll ever get to see them again. These guys are excellent"- Las Vegas Review Journal
"The Highwaymen Live was one of the best shows we've ever presented. Absolutely incredible! All 5 shows sold out"- Alhambra Theater Jacksonville Fl.

Michael Moore as Willie Nelson

Michael Moore was born and raised in McKinney, Texas. His passion for Willies's music came at an early age. "I can remember hearing his music coming out of my grandmother's old AM radio," and even then, Michael knew that there was something unique about Willie Nelson. Nelson's voice and unusual style of phrasing are hard to match. Through many years of study and about a million "Whiskey Rivers" later, Moore's ability to capture" the country music legend's voice and style are considered by many to be the best in the world. Michael is also an accomplished guitar player and performs all of the guitar parts played by Nelson in his shows. When asked what kind of music he likes, Moore said, "Everything from The Carpenters to Metallica." Michael has performed his Willie tribute show throughout the USA as a solo artist and also with several top tribute shows including Cavalcade Of Stars, Mirror Image, Memories Theatre and Superstars Live in Concert.

August Manley as Waylon Jennings

Tacoma, Washington native, August Manley, spent his childhood in the rural outreaches near his Grandfather's farm in the Pacific Northwest. Being raised on country music in the mid-seventies laid the perfect foundation for what would later become the Nation's premier Waylon Jennings tribute. Since 2005, August Manley has been bringing the finest moments of country music back to Waylon's vast number of fans, as well as providing thousands of newcomers to Waylon's music the opportunity to see, feel and take in this special brand of country music in its purest form, LIVE. Currently based out of Phoenix, Arizona, August Manley continues to strive for his ultimate goal: keeping Waylon's music in front of live audiences around the world.

Philip Bauer as Johnny Cash

Entertaining people is all Philip Bauer ever wanted to do! His dynamic stage presence, quality and impressive vocal range has been thrilling audiences for many years. Philip started his musical path in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he started thrilling audiences with his quality performances and competing in and winning many talent contests.
In 1985 Philip won the Minnesota State Fair talent contest, 1st place from a field of over 800 contestants. His performance got attention and landed him his first contract to perform with a 40-piece orchestra every night of the 1986 State Fair. The nineties were good for Philips ' career. He was asked to perform on TNN on Charlie Daniels Talent roundup, was the opening act for Leann Rimes and entertained thousands in Branson Mo.

What the press is saying!!

This edition featured brilliant performers representing the latter three so authentically, that you would swear the original stars were in the room.