bROTHERS iN bAND - dIRE sTRAITS Tribute Show

Client: bROTHERS iN bAND - dIRE sTRAITS Tribute Show
Genre: Tribute, Classic Rock, Music
Representing in the following territories:


Travel Party = 11

- 7 Piece band musicians: (Lead Guitar/Vocals + Rhythm Guitar + Bass Player + Keyboards Player + Piano + Sax player + Drummer)
- 1 backliner/guitar tech
- 1 FOH Tech
- 1 Monitors Tech
- 1 Lights Tech

Dire Straits is not just a band, it's a legend that left an indelible mark on the music scene between 1977 and 1992. bROTHERS iN bAND is more than a tribute band, it's a high-caliber musical show that has been recognized as the best Dire Straits tribute show due to its faithful recreation of the various phases of the now-defunct English band.

bROTHERS iN bAND has already embarked on tours in Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg with "The Very Best of Dire Straits Show". In this show, bROTHERS iN bAND presents a meticulously crafted and elegant performance, with a musical direction specifically arranged for the occasion. They combine the best of Mark Knopfler's band's extensive repertoire from their studio and live recordings.

From the pristine sound of "Down to the Waterline" from 1978 to the iconic "Money for Nothing", and through songs like "Telegraph Road", "Lady Writer", "So Far Away", "Love Over Gold", "Tunnel of Love", "Romeo & Juliet", "Sultans of Swing", and more.

Just as Mark Knopfler's guitar and voice were fundamental to Dire Straits, so is Angelo Fumarola to bROTHERS iN bAND. His voice, posture, gestures, expressiveness, and especially his remarkable guitar playing bring back the Mark Knopfler of a bygone era. He leads us through melodies that are now part of our collective memory, leaving us in awe with the speed of his hands and his unique guitar playing style.

Equally important is the band that accompanies Angelo Fumarola, a group of renowned top-tier musicians who perform and recreate Dire Straits' extensive repertoire with utmost fidelity and at the highest level.

bROTHERS iN bAND has already toured in Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, the Netherlands, Andorra, and Luxembourg. They bring the best memories of Dire Straits back to life.

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