Cuba Vibra by Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba

Genre Dance, Latin, Broadway, Stage Show

ACT 1 = 55 minutes

Opening performed by the live orchestra and a fabulous dance ensemble.

A trio of male dancers performs a modern version of the Cuba national dance: the “Danzón”.

TEA PARTY (Ahh… the late fifties…)
All the young people enjoy the afternoon tea party, wearing their glamorous dresses, and excited for dancing with the orchestra of the moment. The contagious music of the cha-cha-cha, the mambo and the conga, makes everybody to enjoy.

After the party, the young people look for each other to love and be loved.

A mystic ceremony, mixture of illusion and desire, envision the future of a girl.

NEIGHBORHOOD (The sixties)
The rumbon begins and the sound of the drums invades the whole place. It’s the people’s fiesta in the patio, where everybody sings, dances, enjoys and forgets the sadness. Rhythms coming from other places in the world, such like the swing and the rock and roll, are blended with the traditional ones. As long as the party gets hooter, everyone’s intentions are defined: love is everywhere.

After the party at the neighborhood, two young girls try to seduce the man of their life, but only one will triumph.

Everybody dance “Don’t stop the rumbon”

INTERMISSION = 20 minutes

ACT 2 = 45 minutes

The sticks dance, fusion of flamenco and Afro-Cuban rhythms, shows the women’s power.

A man, a woman, an encounter… who seduces whom?

Strength, rhythm and brio of the dancers.

A great fusion of rumba and batucada!

In the present time, all together celebrates life, sing, dance and share… Something new is about to start!

A suggestive journey through the music and dance that have brought fame to the island of Cuba from the 50s of last century to the present. The characters in this elegant staging are women and men who weave their life stories to the rhythm of cha-cha, mambo, rumba, conga, bolero, feeling ... , styles that will thrill the hearts of audiences. Accompanied by a live band performing original compositions , Cuba sings, dances and lives!

Cuba Vibra!

Eight minute show preview


Cuba, its music and dances from the '50s to today, where all the characters, women and men, weave their life stories. Protagonists of precise movement and cadence incalculable: cha-cha-cha, mambo, rumba, conga, bolero, feeling… all the rhythms that vibrate the heart and fill the soul. Cuba sings, dances and lives! Cuba Vibra


Cuba is fashionable today. The entire world has its eyes over us and everybody wants to know. They look for old cars, buildings, cigars… a country apparently stopped on time. But we are more than that. Today we are more than excited to present our show CUBA VIBRA!, a huge mélange of ballet, flamenco, Afro-Cuba and popular rhythm from Cuba. We travel in a magical dream from the 50s up to the present time in an authentic fusion of dance and music. So, if you want to experience the real soul, energy and passion of our people, open your arms and hearts and fly with us, because Cuba Vibra!

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