Real Designs

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Client: Real Designs
Real Designs captures the real world and brings it into the online world using a highly specialized 3D mapping camera. The camera scans real world spaces, then using GPS tagging the scans are spliced together and rendered into an immersive 3D showcase.

In one session you will receive all the assets that you will need to market your property in the online world. We can provide a 3D walk through of your space or property, unlimited 4K photos, schematic floor plans, video, and virtual reality all within a 1% margin of error. 3D Showcases are hosted on our proprietary servers making the showcase easy to share. They can be embedded on a website just like a video, or shared via a simple link. Visitors explore the showcase through their web browser, no additional apps or downloads necessary

With these assets you will be able to:

• Enrich your social media marketing with a tech-forward, interactive tours of your properties.
• Give customers, buyers, vacationers and event planners a preview and peace-of-mind before they visit the property in person that the space is the right fit for their needs. By giving them a complete understanding of the space everyone saves time and money.
• Publish imagery to Google Street for even more views.
• Create a delightful experience: With immersive 3D, your guests know that what they're seeing online is actually how it looks in real life. With more realistic expectations, clients are confident, happier, and more likely to move forward with making a transaction.

Real Designs provides property owners with the marketing tools that will market their spaces perfectly.