15-Mar-22 to 19-Apr-22

Raising Cane's River Center (ASM)
275 S River Rd
Baton Rouge, LA 70802


postponed to 2022

Due to the effects of Hurricane Ida, the dates and times for Michelangelo: A Different View event will be postponed. A new date has not been finalized yet but it will be sometime in early 2022. Any tickets purchased for September 1st through September 30th will be honored for any of the new show dates. If patrons would prefer a refund they are available at the place of purchase.

Please be aware that further changes to the schedule may be needed as hurricane recovery continues so please check for updates at www.raisingcanesrivercenter.com

In partnership with Visit Baton Rouge and Louisiana Office of Travel, the Raising Cane’s River Center brings you Michelangelo—A Different View. This exhibit recreates the awe and wonder of Michelangelo’s frescoes in the Sistine Chapel in ways never before possible. Using state of the art technology, Michelangelo’s timeless masterpieces have been reproduced for this historic exhibit. Only here can you explore this moving, exquisite art up close — at a distance impossible to achieve in the Sistine Chapel. A spectacular, family-friendly experience, located inside the Raising Cane’s River Center!

Monday – Saturday : 10AM – 5PM

Sunday : 12PM – 5PM

Adults $17.50, Children under 12 $7.50.

Paid admission is required for all entrants, with the exception of carried infants.

Tickets available on Ticketmaster.com, at the River Center Box Office on River Road, or at the exhibit of Michelangelo—A Different View during Exhibit hours.

Tickets are valid through business hours during the day you purchase for and there is no time limit for ticketholders.

Buy more and save! Purchase 10 tickets at once to be eligible for a special rate. Email aguin@asmbatonrouge.com to receive these special offers.

What makes this exhibit interesting?

There are many interesting aspects of Michelangelo—A Different View that make it an unforgettable and unique experience. Never before have the Vatican Museums given an official license for such an exhibit, and did so with the help of the exhibit’s scientific director, Prof. Dr. Arnold Nesselrath, director from the Vatican Museum.

Using state-of-the-art technology, the exhibit includes 48 magnificent images from the Sistine Chapel, brilliantly recreated with superb detail on a special, delicate fabric, and several on a world-class Alu-Dibond, a material trusted by modern photographers. The careful photo-real precision brings some of the greatest art ever made to a completely new setting—right here at home!

For a truly “different view,” the chapel’s stunning ceiling is placed flat on the floor, allowing for an intimacy no visitor to the Sistine Chapel can experience, making this exhibit a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Did you reproduce everything inside the Sistine Chapel?

The exhibit focuses on Michelangelo’s contributions to the Sistine Chapel, including the artwork from the ceiling and Last Judgment. By bringing the artwork closer, we hope the visitor will be able to appreciate these famous masterpieces from a new perspective.

Is the artwork in the exhibit the same size as the original in the Vatican?

Because the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is curved, these reproductions are as close to the original size as possible. However, our mission was never to copy the entire ceiling, so some of the bordering elements such as the Ignudi angels and other framing devices are not included. It was necessary to crop some of the images in order to fit them into the display design, but rest assured: all key images from the Chapel are included in the exhibit.